Principal Nuclear Engineer

Position Description Analyze management and disposition of nuclear wastes generated under potential future nuclear fuel cycles to support broad fuel cycle system analysis activities. Responsible for modeling, transportation, storage, logistics, performance assessment, canister design, and actinide immobilization. Integrate waste management alternatives with front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle alternatives and technologies (reactors, separations plants, waste form production, etc.). Develop computational strategies and/or computer codes to model the interface between broad nuclear fuel cycle and potentional waste management systems. Conduct multi-physics computations and analyses related to complex reactor systems such as test and experimental reactors. Perform neutronics analysis, thermal-hydraulic, and transient simulation evaluations. Develop new physical or mathematical models applicable to the design and analysis of one-of-a-kind water-cooled reactor cores. Review safety and proliferation resistance and analysis of fuel cycles. Compare predictions of predicated reactor and fuel cycle performance characteristics with experimental results and/or alternative reactors. Train colleagues and others in the use of Argonne tools and methodology. Produce papers and reports describing results of development work, analyses, and investigations. Position Requirements Ph.D. degree, or equivalent, in Nuclear Engineering, Physics, or related field plus two (2) years of nuclear engineering, physics research, or related experience conducting research into nuclear reactor physics; developing spent fuel and waste management strategies; designing and analyzing nuclear fuel cycle systems; performing computational programming and physics modeling using Python, Fortran, and/or Matlab; and preparing technical reports and journal articles of research results. 4006
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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